About BCore POS

BCore Point-Of-Sale (POS) is an enterprise solution for all retail and hospitality professionals. We provide seamless end-to-end management software for foodservice operations including online ordering, recipe management, kitchen management tools, and extensive reporting related to costing and KPI’s for every aspect of the process. POS is a software solution designed by catering & hospitality industry professionals that can easily be integrated with your existing software or as a standalone software service.

What is BCore POS?

  • Point-Of-Sale (POS) software.
  • Enterprise solution for foodservice professionals.
  • Food Production Management Tool.
  • Manning & Forecasting Tool.
  • Extensive Cost Reporting Tool.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Report included.
  • Food Service operations and Online Order Management Tool.
  • End-to-end management software for retail and hospitality operations.
  • Specialized software with modules to handle every aspect of foodservice industry.

Why BCore POS?

  • Food management and accounting
  • Regulatory and compliance reports
  • Manufacturer chargebacks
  • Recipe management
  • Menu Planning & Costing
  • Ala-Carte Management Tool
  • Kitchen management
  • Lot traceability
  • Supply chain management
  • Centralized
  • Added Mobility

Purpose of BCore POS

Recipe Scaling and Kitchen Management: Our end-to-end catering management tool empowers you with the efficient kitchen and recipe management tools that are easy to use so that you spend more time concentrating on the business rather than wasting time learning new software. With the recipe scaling, now manage your production/preparation based on the number of servings saving the headache for you. Kitchen management made easy with collected data to further optimize the production. With custom fields tailored according to your organizational needs, kitchen, recipe, and overall management made it easy to save your precious time on planning. Right from the inventory management to production optimization and wastage management, we have a room for everything, name the feature, and we have a module to take care of it for you and that’s the main reason we call it an end-to-end catering management tool.

Manning Forecasting

The efficient “Manning and Forecasting tools” help estimate/forecast the man-days required, production (scope or service), etc. which in turn leads to effective planning and resource utilization. With transparent traceability, our management software ensures that you achieve your catering/food processing goals without any delays/hassles related to planning or execution. Regulatory compliance features, in addition, take care of the fact that all the industry standards are followed properly to ensure the best quality for your customers.

Kitchen & Recipe Management Tool

Enhance production and reduce waste with efficient tools that will enable you to trace inventory/ingredients right from the origin to the customer. Cut down on wastage with effective tracking tools. Use your collected data to further optimize the production. With custom fields tailored according to your organizational needs, kitchen and recipe overall management made easy so that you spend more time towards catering for your customers rather than wasting your precious time on planning.

Extensive Cost Reporting

Make smart and informed business decisions with real-time reporting that’s just a click away. Our end-to-end management software provides complete visibility of inventory costs, sales, earnings, profits and everything that you can expect from an ERP. Easily track and manage your expenses for every single bit with 100% traceability. Added mobility features ensure that accurate reporting is available even while you’re on go.

Efficient Utilization

Use your valuable time on tools that are good to your business and adopt the latest innovation that helps manage food processing, distribution and more, in one ERP solution. With the focus on the efficient utilization of your resource and inventory, we provide a seamless software for catering and other foodservice operations including online ordering, recipe management, kitchen management tools and extensive reporting related to costing and KPI’s for every aspect of the process.

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