About BCore HRM

BCore HRM is a 360 degree HR & Payroll management suite which covers all the processes from Recruitment till Off boarding. This software is built in line with the international HR standards for the Talent and Human Management approach. BCore HRM integrates the dissected functions of HR Management and brings them together to deliver value to its stakeholders, moving from looking at employees as “A RESOURCE” to another era as “A TALENT”.

Right People.Right Place. Right Time.

Why BCore HRM?

  • A 360 degree Talent Management Software (TMS).
  • Workflow Management System.
  • Organization Development.
  • Training and E-Learning management.
  • A module that helps in auto-application tracking.
  • Helps manage leave application, documents, passport validity, etc.
  • It covers career planning, talent acquisition & performance management
  • Software that empowers you with career growth & planning tools.
  • An application tracking system with CV parsing auto-bots.

Why BCore HRM?

  • Return on investment view across all HR functions.
  • Increase Employee Engagement.
  • Establish talent acquisition, development and deployment.
  • Develop employee value creation.
  • Leadership development through succession planning.
  • Strategic alignment with talent needs and development.
  • Advanced Analytics for decision making.
  • Management of competency and incompetency.
  • Smart workforce planning.
  • Advanced Application Tracking System.
  • Lower employee turnover %.

Purpose of BCore HRM

Increase Feasibility: BCore HRM focuses on the core function of company's vision, mission, and feasibility by focusing on employees who are executing these management strategies with an ROI analysis of each function to ensure the achievement of prospected strategy levels.

Increase Efficiency: The BCore HRM system enables the most critical department, HR, of an organization to become efficient by capturing data from multiple sources enabling smart decision making.

Increase Productivity: BCore HRM helps companies and employees to be productive. The tracking, monitoring, and analytics providing real-time results of the progress on employee development and its impact on organizational growth.

Document, Transfer, and Boarding Management Tools

The BCore HRM management ensures that company's human resource foundation is strongly build upon which they can lead the talent development structure. We help achieve organizational excellence by recognizing, evolving, & promoting your people!

The Document Management System (DMS) helps in the management of digital documents used to track, manage, and store documents. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users (history tracking).

The internal portal for employee transfer requests is the transfer management system, which helps manage and track the internal movement of staff focusing on performance.

On/off-boarding helps engage employees from the moment of selection to off-boarding and exiting the company. Entry interview, location setting, job-specific induction, exit interview, entry visa permit, process ticketing, and job profile based evaluation are just some features of the HR module.


BCore HRM provides a Recruitment Management System (RMS). RMS is a multi-component designed to automate and facilitate the processes involved in finding, attracting, assessing, interviewing and hiring new personnel processes.

Main Modules/Functions:

  • Staff Recruitment Plan for the year.
  • Internal Promotion through 9 Box Analysis.
  • Recruitment via employee’s reference.
  • Publishing Posts-on-website can be integrated with the company website.
  • Recruitment process through an agency.
  • Visa Status, recruitment type, recruitment under process status, recruitment pipeline.


BCore HRM provides a Learning Management Solution (LMS) which enables to manage of a vast portfolio of training programs and resources making it easy for managers and employees to create and implement personalized learning programs.  In addition to managing internal training courses, the solution interfaces with outside vendors, colleges or universities, and other training media.

  • Training Management.
  • Assign, monitor and evaluate the impact.
  • Training Evaluations.
  • Analytics
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