About BCore EPM

BCORE EPM is a business-performance measurement software that considers the reflectivity of procedures through all aspects of the enterprise. The main factors of the EPM are strategy development and aligning the company to follow and track the strategy performance. When EPM is bundled with other software like financial management (BCore FAM) and supply chain management (BCore SCM), a complete depiction of the business will be further visible to the business owners and stakeholders, allowing them to save/better the business for future opportunities. Another factor of EPM is the balanced scorecards, and strategy map to drive your business forward.

What is BCore EPM?

  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Business Strategy Formulation
  • Organizational Direction Agenda
  • SWOT Development and Analysis
  • Strategy Map Formation
  • Strategic Goals
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Monitoring Organizational Progress
  • Business Planning and Forecasting

Why BCore EPM?

  • Business Model Creation
  • SWOT Development and Analysis
  • Strategy Map
  • Balance Scorecards
  • Objectives Creation/Monitoring
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Projects Initiatives
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Reports
  • Employee Ranking
  • Scorecards Reports
  • Performance Summary
  • Shift Agenda
  • Initiative Task List
  • Current/Future tasks to achieve process

Purpose of BCore EPM

Business Planning: BCore EPM focuses on the core functions of planning, forecasting, and execution. To plan for the future, we need to know where we are today in the market and where we want to be tomorrow. With business planning, we can create organizational goals, along with tasks to achieve that goal. Along with performance monitoring, we will also be able to track each and every task of the organization towards that achievement we want to succeed in. If the organization wandered away from the tasks list to the goal that we desired, we will be able to track it down and reroute it with what had been planned.


EPM Integration with BCore FAM and BCore SCM: Along with BCore EPM, Accounting and Supply Chain (SCM) can be bundled together to achieve the best outcome. With the Accounting module, taking care of payables and receivables, payments and receipts, cheque management, etc. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) will be able to set goals for financials and limitation of expenses, therefore enhancing direct and indirect revenue. With the BCore Supply Chain module, taking care of quotation management, order management, warehouse management, etc. EPM will be able to identify business crucial gaps, save the organization, and also capturing future opportunities.

Global Ready EPM

The enterprise performance management is an application for market analysis. This helps companies to provide their current status, and improve their market position. Strategic planning is a fundamental outline for all business today, and the strategy formation and strategy map in EPM is precisely for that. This supports the companies to strategize and leverage on all future growth opportunities. Aside from opportunities, to improve current business operations, all the data of the business have to be presented and analyzed to create a rational data-driven decision, which is achieved by EPM. EPM is your first step to increase and scale business activities while maintaining quality for products and services.

EPM Reporting

With reports generated from EPM, you will be able to identify where your organization stands. For employee ranking reports, you will be able to view and reward your best working employees, and identifying weaknesses of low ranking employees to provide sufficient training for their success and that will reflect on the overall success of the company. Also, viewing the scorecard of employees will provide you with the exact outstanding/weakness of each employee, authorizing your action to solve the weakness.

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